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chronicle | movie review

September 21, 2012


If you ask someone if they’ve seen any good superhero movies lately, the list would probably consist of The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, or even latest outing for Spidey – It’s highly unlikely they’ll say ‘Chronicle’. This isn’t because Chronicle is a bad movie – but because they probably haven’t seen it, or possibly […]

prometheus | my movie review

June 28, 2012


So as you may have realised, the director of the classic [and classic isn’t a strong enough word really] Blade Runner and Alien movies has recently had a new movie out. The man who gave us the great Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Kingdom of Heaven [a great movie apart […]

the thing | movie review

March 2, 2012


I have just finished watching both of “The Thing” movies. It was recommended to me to watch the 1982 movie then follow it with the 2011 release rather than the other way round. I have to say it worked. Released in the same year as Spielberg’s ET, The Thing really couldn’t have been a more […]

the apes are back!

September 13, 2011


prequel movies are a breed unto themselves. part of the problem is that while they try and be really original, they are unfortunately tied into whatever has gone before – wherever the story has already travelled. some are truly awful and should never have been made [star wars I-III are the obvious favourites for bashing]. […]

more than just another movie

August 25, 2011


After the disappointment of super8, i needed to watch a movie that i felt would deliver. And so it came to pass that I turned to one of my favourite directors – Duncan Jones. After his brilliant debut movie ‘Moon’, I felt confident that he would deliver again with his second foray into the science […]

super 8… ain’t!

August 16, 2011


Seen a few movies lately what with being a little restricted having a leg in a splint. some were first class [wink] others were awful such as case 39, while others were middly. super 8 was less than great but didn’t fall into the awful [too much!]. People have been raving about this movie – […]

free will hunting

July 7, 2011


Free will or predestination? A question sure to fire up conversations over a glass of vino or single malt. Last night my movie buddy Greg and I and our lovely lady-wives settled down to watch ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. A movie which has elements of a really good [dare I say it] romance, a gripping thriller, […]

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