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julia’s eyes | my movie review

March 26, 2013


More often than not European horror movies put Hollywood to shame. It’s a fact that is backed up by the simple evidence of Hollywood feeling a need to remake, in English, any successful foreign movie with a popular celebrity [I won’t call them actors as so many of them simply can’t] and in the process […]

tyrannosaur | movie review

April 23, 2012


The first time I came across Paddy Considine was in Shane Meadows’ fantastic Brit-flick, Dead Man’s Shoes, where he plays a soldier who has returned home to take revenge on the local thugs for what they did to his mentally ill brother. I was blown away by his performance. Well this week I had a […]

quick movie review catch-up

March 5, 2012


There have been a shed load of movies recently that I’ve watched that I haven’t had time to review. So, while I’m laid up after a knee op I thought I’d play catch-up. There are far too many for me to be bothered going into great detail in their own dedicated posts, so here’s a […]

so sharp, you won’t feel a thing

July 4, 2011


now *this* is what a kids film is all about. this is a true fairytale that should be seen by everyone but the very youngest of children. if you haven’t seen coraline yet –grab a copy of it, settle down and enjoy a good old-fashioned bit of storytelling. it’s easy to get bored with the […]

>the rite stuff

June 1, 2011


‘the rite’ is not your basic horror movie. in fact i would say it’s more of a supernatural thriller, and this is not a brainless supernatural thriller. it is in fact a very religious movie. you will find contorting bodies, weird voices, and much hissing spitting freakiness and general unpleasantness [but only 1 f-bomb and very […]

>“choose life!”

May 26, 2011


this movie could be considered to be a lesson to kids: if you’re going off somewhere… leave a note! it can also be considered as a lesson to us all. let me extrapolate somewhat. i watched 127 hours a while back [and raved about it on facebook] but never got round to writing a full review for […]

>what if…?

May 17, 2011


for me, when it comes to sci-fi movies i like them cooked a certain way. much of the sci-fi movies that get released are aimed at people with adhd, they are big and shiny but rather empty within. you don’t have to look far to see what i mean, watch transformers for 20 minutes and […]

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