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salt of the earth | what does that mean?

January 29, 2013


I recently tweeted an article by J.John about a website that has been set up to promote the idea of “new atheism” and what our response as Christians ought to be towards this form of teaching. Please read it – it’s very challenging. I believe very strongly that we are in an age of lethargic […]

what’s the meaning of life?

July 23, 2012


  When we planned on having a question box in our youth group i knew there would be some pretty interesting questions, and there have been some crazy ones. But i don’t think I expected there to be THE question that i think EVERYONE asks themselves at some point in their life. So here is […]

tyrannosaur | movie review

April 23, 2012


The first time I came across Paddy Considine was in Shane Meadows’ fantastic Brit-flick, Dead Man’s Shoes, where he plays a soldier who has returned home to take revenge on the local thugs for what they did to his mentally ill brother. I was blown away by his performance. Well this week I had a […]

Our way vs God’s way

March 15, 2012


Back in the 60s, illegitimacy and cohabitation were relatively rare and frowned upon. As government and society chose to accept this new “awakening to modern ways” people were adamant that it would have no negative effect on society and that it was just progress. We see all around us now the negative social effects which […]

the sunset limited | movie review

March 2, 2012


Cormac McCarthy’s books make for great movies. No Country for Old Men and The Road both making bold statements about the human condition. For me, The Sunset Limited is better than both of those – and possibly one of the best performances by two of the movie industries greatest actors. Cormac adapted The Sunset Limited […]

growing pains – thoughts on advent

November 29, 2011


Last w/e in Godly Play at church Ruben told me that they had started the story of Jesus, starting with Elizabeth and Mary being visited by the angel. I played the fool and asked ”so did you get to the bit where Mary visited her friend Elizabeth?” to which Ruben was on the ball and […]

the truth is out there

November 15, 2011


“The claim that Jesus never existed and His life is a myth compromises the reliability of ancient history.” Dr. Greenleaf, the Royal Professor of Law at Harvard University We are currently doing a series called Christianity Explored at church, the 5th of which was titled “Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise?”. This of course is the main […]

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Confidence in Jesus | Invitation for Everyone