Posted on August 17, 2011


Although i’ve tweeted about the riots i haven’t really known what to blog about with regards to them. the tv has been saturated with programmes analysing the rioters and their actions and the circumstances surrounding them ad infinitum. The only thing that keeps coming into my head is that these people’s lives are so empty.
I do however have an opinion and a blog and if you’ve had enough of people adding their 2p worth then i’m sure you won’t feel the need to read on. if you’re interested in knowing what i think then please stay with me.
The country, we are being told, is broken. Well i don’t think it is. I do think that we as a country have lost our way. I do think that our government has done a great deal of damage to this country wit its ridiculous decisions regarding education, policies and statements on parenting and family values, etc, etc. but a great deal of this i have come to realise is the result of Christians not taking a stand and doing what was needed when it was needed.
Keeping your bum on your seat in church regularly and praying about the state of the government and for those in power that “they will do Your will” is pish posh, and praying that “people would come to know Him” is no good if you aren’t willing to tell people about Him. If we don’t back our prayer up with action then the prayers [imho] are empty. We are God’s hands, feet and voice on this earth and for a change to take place needs Christians in every city, town and village to *do the right thing*.
Let me ask you – if you were drowning would you be happy if someone stood by and just prayed that help would come for you and that you would be saved, that God would intervene in your time of need? I hope not! I hope that if I was drowning there would be someone willing to jump in and save me!
We are living in a country that has [somewhat unknowingly] been drowning for a good many decades and the waters are getting rougher, and they no longer need people to just pray for them. They are waiting to be rescued.
Thanks to the government and the media [and the lathargy of the church], people have abandoned God. Let’s show people that God is real and that He cares for them. Let’s assure them that His love is enduring and share our life stories with them, and to promise them that their life has a purpose. A lack of purpose is where so much of this rioting has come from. If people don’t think they are accountable to anyone or in deed accountable to God, they think that they have a right to do, or take, whatever they want. And what’s more is that there is a big cross section of our younger generation in this country who have never felt loved. cared for maybe, looked after possibly, but real deep down ‘you are more important to me than life itself’ loved… never!
This needs to be addressed and the churches need to break back into the heart of their community and *be* the church that binds a people together – that shares, gives, helps, prays for and loves those around them – not just the ones that come through their doors once a week.
If our Big Society stopped for one minute and thought “maybe there is a better way.” Maybe when society once again embraces the words of Jesus in Matt 26:36-40 then they could realise that they could save each other from drowining.“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’…”
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