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more than just another movie

August 25, 2011


After the disappointment of super8, i needed to watch a movie that i felt would deliver. And so it came to pass that I turned to one of my favourite directors – Duncan Jones. After his brilliant debut movie ‘Moon’, I felt confident that he would deliver again with his second foray into the science […]


August 17, 2011


Although i’ve tweeted about the riots i haven’t really known what to blog about with regards to them. the tv has been saturated with programmes analysing the rioters and their actions and the circumstances surrounding them ad infinitum. The only thing that keeps coming into my head is that these people’s lives are so empty. […]

super 8… ain’t!

August 16, 2011


Seen a few movies lately what with being a little restricted having a leg in a splint. some were first class [wink] others were awful such as case 39, while others were middly. super 8 was less than great but didn’t fall into the awful [too much!]. People have been raving about this movie – […]

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