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Posted on July 15, 2011


‘Dear Zachary: A Letter To a Son About His Father’ is one of the most powerful documentaries that one could ever watch. Director and childhood friend, Kurt Kuenne, originally began making this movie as a tribute to his friend, which is how the movie begins, but it also works as a crime drama as we get to watch the events adn procedures  surrounding the untimely death of Andrew Bagby unfold (left in the featured image), and the trial of the accused ex-girlfriend.
Andrew, was a young doctor in his 20s when he died. From the footage of interviews with his friends and family, home video, and photos we realise that he was an easy-going and good-hearted man. Before you know it – you almost feel like you’d known him yourself! Or at the very least – wish you had.
A little way into the director’s journey though Andrew’s life, he hears that the ex-girlfriend has revealed that she was in fact pregnant with Andrew’s child when she killed him. Bombshell! The movie now becomes a record of a father’s life for the son he never got to meet.
Not wanting to give too much of the movie away – although I doubt if I did the impact would lessen – the journey becomes more and more powerful as we witness the events surrounding David and Kate, Andrew’s parents, and their fight for custody of Zachary. During which they have to endure spending time with the murderer of their son in order to be with their grandson. But even that’s not all…
This is, without a doubt, an emotionally exhausting film, but is an incredible account of a family coming to terms and coping with a terrible tragedy, and the injustice of a system that needs desperately to be improved upon.

The love a parent has for their child is immeasurable, uncontainable, indescribable, and sacrificial. All of these elements are on show in this moving tribute and record of a life ended to soon.

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