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Posted on July 7, 2011


Free will or predestination? A question sure to fire up conversations over a glass of vino or single malt. Last night my movie buddy Greg and I and our lovely lady-wives settled down to watch ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. A movie which has elements of a really good [dare I say it] romance, a gripping thriller, a thoughtful premise/philosophy, and a great science fiction background. Taken from the a short story penned in the 1950s by Phillip K Dick – the man behind such classic tales as Total Recall, Minority Report and the absolutely timeless Blade Runner. While not as flash bang as those sci-fi classics it is just as thrilling, thoughtful, and engaging a movie experience as any of those.

Ambitious politician David Norris (Damon) inadvertently meets dancer Elise Sellas (Blunt) in the gents room of a hotel. She is hiding, and they strike up a conversation and they both realise that there is something about each other that sparks, and feels… right. Unfortunately their relationship is not part of their “life paths” and mysterious fedora wearing men seem to be doing their best to keep the two lovebirds apart. David soon learns that he is up against agents whose job it is to keep ‘the plan’ on course – which includes keeping David and Elise apart from each other. David has other plans however and decides to fight fate and face the consequences of being with the woman he feels… no… knows he’s meant to be with.

While this movie isn’t amazing it is indeed a very very good film. Every so often you watch a movie that you really invest in and that gets you thinking. In fact, if I had a top10 list of romantic/love story movies [which I don’t… although it’s an idea!] this could well make it onto the list. The banter and chemistry that develop between the two protagonists feels totally natural and in no way forced or scripted [the sign of great scriptwriting!]. The film also has moments of humour that will either bring a smile to your face or a giggle to your throat. Despite what the trailer would have you believe, this is not an action movie, and the sci-fi is kept to a minimum. And although it’s a romance, it most definitely is *not* a chick flick. it is just a really good movie on a really interesting subject.

As a Christian I have my own thoughts on the subject of predestination and free will, and if anyone wants to know what they are – just ask. |But I also want to encourage you to ask yourself, what do you believe? Is your life just waiting to happen – randomly unfolding through chance, your only direction being whatever life throws at you. Or do you believe there is a higher Creator who knows the way, who you can trust in to guide you along the right path to eternal life?

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