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>“choose life!”

May 26, 2011


this movie could be considered to be a lesson to kids: if you’re going off somewhere… leave a note! it can also be considered as a lesson to us all. let me extrapolate somewhat. i watched 127 hours a while back [and raved about it on facebook] but never got round to writing a full review for […]

>what if…?

May 17, 2011


for me, when it comes to sci-fi movies i like them cooked a certain way. much of the sci-fi movies that get released are aimed at people with adhd, they are big and shiny but rather empty within. you don’t have to look far to see what i mean, watch transformers for 20 minutes and […]

>we’re all fighters

May 14, 2011


let me just say right off the bat that i’m not a particularly huge fan of boxing movies, or movies centred around sport generally. i believe we can all, to some degree, relate to the protagonist who rises beyond all expectation and belief to stand toe to toe with his biggest obstacle, slug it out, […]

>flynn lives… and rocks

May 5, 2011


i’m a huge fan of movies from the 70s. it’s a decade that gave us some of the best movies *ever* made. there’s a grittiness to them, because moviemaking hadn’t fully entered into the realm of ‘wizardry pokery’ so they had to be stories that were interesting and exciting. but more importantly – because they […]

>would jesus hi5?

May 3, 2011


as a christian if find it painfully ironic that we have just celebrated the death and resurrection of jesus christ – who died *for us all* – that many of those same people are celebrating the death of osama bin laden. are we not called to be imitators of christ – do people think that […]

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