Posted on March 3, 2011


i’m not generally a fan of costume dramas, but i am known to partake of the odd one. going way back in our own history is intriguing, and when done this well, can be fascinating. i know that it’s never entirely structured on fact and there is always the element of having to please the viewer and bring home the bacon, but to get a glimpse of what life was like nearly 500 years ago is mesmerising.
the movie follows elizabeth i ascension and early days on the throne. she was the second daughter of king henry viii, and is a protestant. queen mary i, the first daughter of henry viii, is catholic as per her father. their religious differences threatens elizabeth’s life [even the pope sanctioned her assassination!), and then severe illness sees off queen mary.
elizabeth is now queen and surrounded by advisors who may or may not be plotting against her. it’s gripping stuff.
cate blanchett is stunning as the young queen, and also geoffrey rush is brilliant as her ruthlessly loyal bodyguard, sir walsingham.
this is one of those historical dramas, when the final credits have rolled, that makes you want to go and find out more about this time in our country’s colourful history.
there are historical inaccuracies present – such as mary queen of scotts being killed in the chamber rather than beheaded – as the history books state. why this needed to be altered for the movie I do not know – but it doesn’t distract too much.
in my honest opinion we should be spending more time teaching our children the distant history of this country and a little less time focused on ww2.
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