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>welcome to shutter island, we hope you enjoy your stay

March 29, 2011


the sure sign of a great movie is that when the credits are rolling – you wish you could watch it again… immediately! this is no truer than with scorsese’s incredible thriller, shutter island, which i watched for the second time last week. in case you haven’t caught it, teddy (dicaprio’s troubled character) is a […]


March 18, 2011


as i’m sure everyone is, i’m horrified by the images, videos and reports that have saturated the media showing us the extent of the destruction caused by the tsunami and earthquake. living in chester means that we are approximately 120ft above sea level but it doesn’t stop me thinking that this type of destruction could literally happen […]


March 3, 2011


i’m not generally a fan of costume dramas, but i am known to partake of the odd one. going way back in our own history is intriguing, and when done this well, can be fascinating. i know that it’s never entirely structured on fact and there is always the element of having to please the […]

>the hurt locker

March 1, 2011


well the student movie night didn’t go quite as planned. there was some miscommunication regarding who was actually bringing along the dvd – resulting in us not having one to show. oops! anyway, after gaz took a trip home [btw – i’m not referring to myself in the third person, it’s a different gaz!] we settled down […]

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