>one train you’ll want to miss! [sorry]

Posted on February 18, 2011


truth time… i love tony scott movies. i know i know, they are loud, shaky, bold [in colour] and i think i’m right in saying – uses pretty much every trope going when it comes to action movies.

all the way from top gun through crimson tide, days of thunder, true romance, enemy of the state, deja vu, man on fire and even pelham 123, they are all great fun and cheesier than a giant cheese thing covered in cheese!
which is why i’m a little upset by having to confess that i absolutely hated unstoppable. i think he’s gone too far. with both the tropes and the cheese!
i’m not giving anything away here when i tell you how the movie begins. see it as a warning if you will.

a huuuuuge freight train, uncoupled brakes that will be “connected when we’ve moved her to the other track!” [1st doh!]. a chubby driver who has to then disembark said train in order to change the track direction, obviously he doesn’t make it [2nd doh!]. the jerking of the train causes the throttle lever to move into full steam ahead [3rd doh!]. a train full of school children coming straight at it on the same track [4th doh!]. denzel is a train driver a few days from retirement [5th doh!] and then there’s the cocky rookie who comes good [6th doh!] and so on and so on ad nauseum.
it really doesn’t get better. for instance half the movie is showing the story on foxnews, interviewing bystranders who are basically telling us what we are already watching on screen. *yawn*
i’m even bored of writing a review of it…
an unstoppable train that needs to be stopped but can’t because it’s unstoppable… until someone stops it!!
nuff said!
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